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    Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. Instead, we are inviting you inside Dylans world 

    I love hanging out with Dylan, he a great guy. Cant wait to see his show
    I love when Dylan comes to town and visit. I wear his shirt proudly
    Congrats Dylan on your show, your the best brother ever.

    Hi My name is Dylan and I’ve been diagnose with Autism since the age of three. Since my diagnose I use art to express the way I feel, think, and see the world.  Take a look around in my space, a place which I call “Dylan World”.. My art is so unique it became a popular T-shirt! 

    Come take a journey with me.

    Coming soon dylan's world

    All this awesomeness could be yours to experience on ABMC on demand


    1. Jamilla Alphonse says:

      Every time I see Dylan I can’t help but to smile! Not only is he so handsome but he’s so full of positive innocent energy (I can feel peoples energy.) I just love him, his family, and the education that brings awareness to these Special Beings 😘😘 To you Dylan

    2. Tamica says:

      I’m so excited about all the upcoming greatness for our Autism babies. I’m so proud of my Dylan. My son Jadon has aspirations to be a Chef. Maybe he’ll be the first person with Autism to take the world by storm in the kitchen. This is so exciting! It’s time for everyone to learn more about Autism.

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